The Best Free Worpdress Portfolio Themes of 2017

If you’re designing a website for an artist, photographer, carpenter, etc then chances are that they are going to want to put their work on display in some sort of portfolio. What better way to accomplish this than to grab a WordPress portfolio theme built for doing exactly that? Back in the old days you would have had to have extensive knowledge in both web design and programming to build out a portfolio website. Now it’s as easy as point and click! But let’s not tell our clients that, right?

The best part about WordPress is the fact that it is open source. This allows us to build off of it and share themes with ease. There is a huge and amazing community built around WordPress and many developers out where who have been creating both paid and free items for it. To build a great website these days you really just need to worry about where to host it. The rest is about configuring templates and basically living the point and click life.

Once you have hosting and WordPress installed, the next step is to upload your theme. Themes are stored in the wp-content/themes directory on your site. Once uploaded you can activate the theme within your admin panel. Once activated, most themes have their own configuration panel where you can enter theme-specific options for configuration.

We’ve compiled a list of over 20 of the best free WordPress portfolio themes available in 2017. Take some time to go through this infographic and see which one you like. At the bottom, under the image, you’ll find a list of raw links pointing to where you can grab these themes absolutely for free!

Download Links:

Good luck and enjoy!